Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Heath, Ohio

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Note: There is no Adult Bible Study this Wednesday, but the study will resume on Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 6:00pm.


On the calendar at Christ Lutheran Church:

Friday, Sept. 14…9:30-11:00am: Food Pantry Produce Market

Saturday, Sept. 15…8:30am-4:00pm: Habitat for Humanity Service Day

Sunday, Sept. 16…8:15am & 10:30am: Worship Services

              9:30am: Trinity Choir Rehearsal

              11:30am—You are ALL invited to join together after second service to:
                            1) Celebrate 16 years of service by Pastor Kris.
                            2) Enjoy a yummy potluck lunch. We will provide beverages, and   we invite you to bring your favorite dish to share!

                            3) Assemble care kits to share with our homebound neighbors &  to take to recovery centers for folks who suffer from addictions. 

Monday, Sept. 17…6:30pm: Folk Legends

7:00pm: Trinity Choir Rehearsal

Tuesday, Sept. 18…9:00am: Sewing Group

Wednesday, Sept. 19…1:00pm: Four Church Farm mowing day

6:00pm: Adult Bible Study

Friday, Sept. 21…9:30-11:00am: Food Pantry Produce Market

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Reminder: New office hours for the fall: Monday through Friday, 9:00am-1:00pm